HydroScience Engineers
File Download / Upload Site (FTP)

This site provides a means for our clients and team members to transfer data files, particularly files that are too large for email.  This site is password-protected.  If you do not have a username and password, please inform your contact person at HSe.

Go directly to the FTP site…


After clicking on the link above, you will be asked for your username and password.  Entering it will take you to the directory which we have set up for your project.

For downloading files only, any web browser should work fine.

For uploading files, you should use Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6 or 7.  You can also add this site to your My Network Places folder on your computer (see below).

Using Internet Explorer 6

Most people have this version.  Once you enter your username and password, you should see a window open in your browser that closely resembles Windows File Explorer.  You can drag files to and from this window in the same way as you move files between folders on your own computer.  Do not double click a file to open it directly since this will be very slow.  Copy it to your computer first.

Using Internet Explorer 7

This is the newest version of IE.  It requires an extra step, for security purposes. Once you enter your username and password, a listing of filenames will appear, but you can only download.  If you want to upload, you need to open the site in Windows Explorer.  At the top of the web page you will see these instructions:

 “To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.”

Follow those instructions to view our site in Windows Explorer, and be able to upload and download.  The Page button is in the little toolbar just above the upper right corner of website.  Once you do this, an Explorer window will open, and you can then move files around as described above for IE 6.

Adding Site to My Network Places

If you plan to use this site often (ie. for a long term project), you can add a link to this site on your computer.  These instructions are for Windows XP.  If you have Windows 2000, the menus are slightly different.  See your IT person or give us a call for more assistance.

Open My Network Places (an icon that usually resides on your desktop).  In the left pane of the window, click Add a network place.  Click Next, the select Choose another network location and click next, then cut and past the following into the text box:


and click Next.  Uncheck Log on anonymously, enter your username, then click Next.  Click Next again to accept the name of the link (or change it as desired), then click Finish.

Then, in the future you can access this site by opening My Network Places and double clicking on the appropriate link.  You will be asked to reenter your password.