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City of Modesto Phase 2 BNR/Tertiary Treatment Project Construction Management Services

HydroScience will be providing construction management, construction inspection, resident engineering, testing, and startup services for the City of Modesto's $125 million BNR/tertiary treatment facility. The primary purpose of the project is to achieve compliance with the City's new permit for effluent discharges to the San Joaquin River. Located at the Jennings Road Secondary Treatment Plant, the project will provide 12.6 MGD of BNR/tertiary treatment through the installation of a membrane bioreactor (MBR). The final effluent will achieve standards consistent with California Title 22 for unrestricted, non-potable water re-use, and will either be discharged to the river or used for recycling purposes. The project includes a new operations center to provide space for administrative and operations staff, a maintenance shop, and a new pipeline to convey final effluent to the river.